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Chakra treatment & guidance on Aruba.

Invest in your health, your inner peace, and your personal development.

In a session of 90 minutes I work with you on your personal development and balance. With the help of my Misa Andina and special stones, Chumpis, I read your chakras, open them, cleanse them, and energize them. Furthermore, we can use this first session as a base for a personal holistic coaching.

What are chakras?

Chakra is Sanskrit for wheel. A chakra is a wheel of energy in the body with certain properties. It has its own place, color, purpose, mantra and frequency.

There are seven main chakras in different cultures, from the Buddhists to the Incas. These chakras are in balance at birth and can become unbalanced due to events in your life. When your chakras are in balance, the energy can flow through your body and you feel physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually balanced as well. When one or more chakras are not functioning properly, it can lead to fatigue, irritation, confusion, insecurity, anxiety, depression, physical pain or illness.

“The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life – mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical.”

Julius Erving

What can I offer?

Chakra treatment

During a chakra treatment of 90 minutes I can give a clear picture of the position of your chakras. You will see where your blockages are, and which chakras are out of balance. Then we get to work to get back into the flow. The chakras are cleaned and charged. This gives you a boost to take further action in the areas of your life that are out of balance.

Personal holistic guidance

We may be temporarily confused, unhappy or stressed. The human mind is capable of making the body sick but also of healing it. When we’re on our own, we don’t always know where to start and how to act to find a solution. Or we start with good intentions that we lose again after a short time.

The personal holistic guidance leads you to a balanced and happy life. For example, a counseling might look like this: once a week, during at least four weeks, a session of one and a half hour.

During the weekly meetings we discuss your progress. I also provide you with tools that you can use to achieve your goal.

Empowerment course or one-on-one guidance

In schools, pupils and students are central. However, there is often too little time and attention for the emotional development of the students. They suffer from a lot of stress, many fears, and tensions and sometimes even depression. Moreover, the options for good guidance in Aruba are limited.

Our natural state consists mainly of balance and joy. This can be restored when attention is paid to one’s own energy and when there is the desire to move forward. Working with energy makes it possible to remove blockages without too many words. Insights are achieved faster this way.

This course or guidance lasts 4 weeks and consists of 8 sessions, which are 2 sessions of 90 minutes per week.

Age target group: 15 to 25 years.

Price course 1 on 1: 850 awg per person
Group course price: 350 awg per person

A group consists of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 participants and will start as soon as there are enough registrations. Depending on the registrations, girl groups are also possible. There is also an option to participate online.

Some goals: Transform fear, tension, anger, frustration and sadness into peace, acceptance, and balance. Finding self-confidence and motivation. Gain insight into your own energy and inner strength.

Languages: Dutch, Papiamento, English, Spanish.

Meaningful vacation

While on vacation you already improve your well-being and mindfulness. You can use your next vacation to reach even a higher level of well-being. Aruba is a really great place to spend sunny and pleasurable holidays. And with a personal holistic guidance consisting of at least four private sessions of 90 minutes a week, we can work together on bringing more clarity, balance, and harmony in your life.

The guidance starts with a chakra treatment. Based on your personal situation we can continue working with meditation, conversations, specific exercises and much more on the goal you have in mind. For your visit I can recommend nice places to stay, activities, restaurants, and even local products (souvenirs, gifts), but I only take care of the sessions.

(Available from September 1st 2022)

Are you getting inspired?

Come & Feel Flow Grow.  Please contact us for a first session.
The language of instruction during treatment or supervision can be Dutch, English, Pa-piamento, Spanish and even French.
Chakra treatments and personal holistic guidance are intended for adults but are also very suitable for young people.

Why holistic?

Everything is connected. The chakras affect all aspects of your well-being and all aspects of your life affect your chakras. I use the Andine Cosmology and the Inca’s transferred knowledge of chakras as a base. We will also use nutrition, exercise, meditation, music, we do breathing exercises, have conversations and much more to let you enjoy life to the fullest.

Connect with your instincts, your emotions, your energy, your love, your truth, your intuition and with the universe.

Who am I?

My name is Claudia Couprie, I am French and have been living in Aruba since 2005. For a long time, I thought I was a French teacher. It has been my passion to teach my mother tongue with love and dedication to young people aged 12-18.

But after 24 years I have chosen to do something that has even more meaning to me: to use my gifts and knowledge of the chakras to help people on their own path.

Since 2018 I have been taking courses and receiving initiations from a shaman from Cuzco. Thanks to these courses and initiations I have discovered my own energy and a method of working with chakras. I continue to develop and learn about the chakras. I have been giving chakra treatments since 2019 and I get enormous satisfaction from that.

“It was quite exciting to open myself up to a chakra treatment, as a doctor with a scientific background. Claudia, the treating therapist, put me at ease and what she says with Feel Flow Grow is just right. The treatment made it clear to me again where I am blocking in my emotions and after the treatment, I felt freer and again full of good courage and energy to continue on my own life journey. There is again more clarity and harmony for that. Thank you Claudia, from my heart. “


“Hi Claudia, Last week I was with you to have my chakras read. What a great experience! The whole puzzle of everything that has happened to me in recent times fell into place! It is a confirmation of how I am in the situation and that gives me confidence. You explain it clearly and radiate peace that comes in well with me. My response is late, but you don't want to know how excited I have been talking about it with others! Oh no, that's exactly what you want to know! Hereby. I now use the colors more when I give myself Reiki. I had the feeling that my Reiki was locked for others, but it is shining again now. Tip for you: you really don't have to apologize for your language, because you can express yourself very well! I have a lot of respect for you in that area! In a few weeks I'll text you for another session, because I feel like I'm stronger than before the first session. Chapeau pour toi❤?!!!

– Caroline

“I definitely recommend it! It was a very comforting and beautiful experience. I no longer saw Miss Claudia as my teacher, but as my friend who talked to me in a very motivating way. It was also very easy to follow her words during the guided meditation and to in-troduce everything she said to me because of the calm way she explained everything. I also found it very interesting how the stones said exactly what applied to me! I expected it, but it was still impressive to see that I actually have to change, that I don't have to worry. I liked everything Miss Claudia had said to me. She really motivated me and I will always be grateful to her. I appreciate everything she did for me. Thank you very much."

Nicole, age 18

“Claudia, thank you for the session. I did not know much about chakras beforehand, I was curious and found it exciting. You immediately put me at ease by being calm, pro-fessional and interested in what I wanted to get out of the session. The ritual was spe-cial; you clearly have a gift. After the meeting you gave me coaching and I use it daily. As a result, I am able to get out of increased irritation and just look at what is there and act (or not, if it turns out not to be necessary). That saves a lot of energy that I can use for things that are worth the effort. Thank you for the beautiful, inspiring session and for the difference you have made for me.”

– Mary

“Energizing experience! I've never been a religious person, but at the age of 58, I realize the importance of the spirit or the soul or the Earth's energy on our health, both mental and physical. As a part of my journey to improve my health, I sought out a reading of my Chakras from Claudia at Feel Flow Grow. This is something I have never done before, I had no experience in it, so I didn't really know what to expect. I found Claudia's beautiful, peaceful demeanor and open non-judgmental guidance to be so soothing and nurturing, by the time I was done I felt wonderful. We discussed some problem areas of my life, things I need to work on and she gave me some wonderful suggestions to help me do further work on my own. Claudia is a fantastic person, and she truly cares about the people she "reads." She never forces anything, just letting you be yourself and share as much about yourself as you're comfortable doing. I highly recommend everyone do this. I can't wait to do it again in a year or so to see how the work I'm doing affects my chakras. I can see nothing but good coming from my session with Claudia and thank her so much for her guidance.”


“Claudia was so sweet, welcoming, and respectful, when treating me. I was lucky to experience her magical Chumpi session, where I got very helpful insights while going through big changes in my life. I felt comfortable opening up to her and I am so grateful for her loving and compassionate approach to my inquiries and het beautiful caring heart and ways she shares her medicine. The meditative parts where transcendental and she explained every step thoroughly, so I was comfortable and confident to let go and enjoy the process. Thank you very much Claudia!”


“When my mentor, Claudia Couprie, asked if I wanted to try a chakra session. I was, not going to lie, a bit weary. But I trusted her - still do - and I needed something to figure out what was going on in my mind/body, so why not? I went to her place without all too many expectations, just that I was going to relax and try to be as open as possible for something I didn't believe in nor disbelieve. But oh my, many thanks to Claudia. Thanks to her I received clarity about why things are difficult and why things hurt and most importantly, what I can do about it. Now it's not as if everything got fixed instantly by this one session and I don't know if that is even something that could happen, I mean healing yourself takes time, patience and a bit of effort. But it made me stronger in my weaknesses, stronger overall and now looking back, strength is precisely what I needed. Claudia gave that to me by opening things up, breaking some walls down and simply letting good things flow through. And all of that without prodding and prying. I was never uncomfortable, and I think in our little protective bubble I was actually at peace.”

– Bente, age 18

“Thanks Claudia, the name Feel Flow Grow fits the experience very well. It was a nice experience”

– Wendy

"I have observed very positive results in my daughter's attitude and goals after she attended a complete Feel Flow Grow Chakra’s Program while she was preparing for her final school VWO exam. I highly recommend Feel Flow Grow services; it was an amazing gift."

– Liz

“The best thing l ever did. It has helped me so much in understanding life and how to live it in peace. How to start loving myself again. If you are feeling "stuck" in some way, l highly recommend you to try it.”

– Zanzo

“Chakras are energy awareness centers. They are the revolving doors of creativity and communication between the spirit and the world.”

Michael J. Tamura


I would love to help you progress on your path.
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Prices 90 minutes session:

Standard: $120
Local: 150 florins
Local ≤ 25 years: 100 florins

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